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The Truth about Milk...

Here's an interesting collection of articles about the content of cows milk...

I stopped drinking milk about a year ago after I realised that supposedly fresh milk smell off from when you open it. Since dropping all dairy products from my diet, I've becom much healthier, I'm no longer allergic to cats, I don't suffer from hayfever any more, and I dont get clogged up with litres of green goo when I get a cold (which is significantly less often now, too).

Also note that milk is pasturised by being gently warmed at 60 degrees C (162F)for 15 to 20 seconds and allowed too cool, before being pasturised twice more like that. Louis Pastuer's actual pasturisation tecnique was to boil the fuck out it for several minutes. To pasturise grain or straw for growing mushrooms on, you have to pressure cook it at 150 psi for 2 hours, or 240psi for 1 hour before you kill everything...
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