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Do you like My Little Ponies?

If so I would like to invite you to this great website I found. I'm sure many of you may already know of it, but if not then please take the time to check it out. I just joined yesterday and 1 day later I knew I had to upgrade to a full account because the site is so uniqe and cute.

The site is called Pony Island. You can visit it here: PonyIsland http://www.ponyisland.net/index.php?recby=15667

What is this site all about? Maybe you have seen other virtual pet sites like neopets, gaiaonline, etc. The premise of the site is fairly similar. You raise, breed, feed, and contest ponies. But here is where the similarities end. Final Fantasy fans will be interested to know that they have a tripple triad mini game you can play online with other players and the cards are generated randomly based on each of your ponies and the pony's stats. Fans of rpgs such as wod and dnd will like the fact that you can spend and distribute your own points when you level up allowing for truely diverse characters. To add to the diversity, the website uses some form of complex code to generate a random image that is unique and never before created until the moment you create your pony (using various hex values for colors and based on real genetics). There is something for everyone at Pony Island.

I didn't think I would like it quite this much but i'm more than addicted. And I think if you like any of the above then you will be addicted too


Here are a few pics of my ponies:

As you can see it is modeled heavily after My little Ponies which if you're like me, you grew up with through your childhood in the 80s. The site is super cute and free for the first 20 days. after that its only 23 for a year or 14 for a 6 month subscription. There are also people within the game that will help you get your account paid for if you can't/dont have credit card/or whatever.

Why not check it out?

See you in Pony island http://ponyisland.net/userfiles/15667/gallery/echo.jpg
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