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New community

I have made an online community for the upcoming game, Final Fantasy 11. It can be found at finalfantasy11
Please come by.
There isnt much there yet but thatll change next month once the game is released
The point of the community is to be used as a meeting ground to meet fellow players, trade in game items, organize raids, form parties, trade information such as character builds, skill charts, places to level, battle techniques, etc
Also its a place to share your adventures, in character and out of character discussions, debate on the best races, classes, skills, pretty much anything you can think off. Got a guild? Advertise it here. Getting married? Let everyone know about it. Whatever the occassion we would like to know ^_^
After all the appeal of online games is making new friends and interacting with other users
This lj community hopes to make that even easier now than ever before

This is also a good place to come if you are unsure if ff online is going to be worth your money. The staff is not biased square-heads, who think ff is the best thing since sliced bread, so youll hear about the drawbacks of the mmorpg as well as the highlights, and hopefully will be able to decide if its a game you would be interested in ;)

For whatever reason just Come to finalfantasy11

If this in any way violates this community's rules please delete it and accept my appology, ill get the message when i see its gone and it wont happen again ;)

Hope to see you all there ;)
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