Jennifer Ever (tiredofdreaming) wrote in isoktopost,
Jennifer Ever

Cash for surveys?

Do you want to make $5 each for taking 15 minute surveys? If you’re interested in a little extra pocket change, reply to this entry with your email address, and I’ll set you up to start getting surveys and making money.

A bit of FAQ:

1. I don’t live in the USA. Can I still sign up and get paid for surveys?

Yes, you can. However, due to the high price of international postage, you’ll receive a check for every six surveys you do instead of for each survey.

2. How often will I be sent surveys?

It varies. Sometimes you will get two or three surveys in a month, and other times you will go a month or two without any surveys. However, it’s always nice to get that check in the mail.

3. Does it cost anything to sign up?

No, signing up is completely free.

4. Is there a privacy policy that I can view.

For some reason, viewing of the privacy statement on the Team Look-Look website is currently for people who have signed up only. However, if you would like, I can email you a copy of it before I sign you up, and I will add your email address only with your consent.

5. Will Team Look-look spam me?

You will get emails from Team Look-Look once I have added your email address to the database, and only when a survey is available. There is also an option for a weekly update about the polls offered by Team Look-Look, but you can turn that option off once you are signed in.

If you’re interested, please reply to this entry with your email address or any questions you may have. If you are not comfortable posting your email address on a public forum, feel free to email me at
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